To the Moon

If I had a superpower
I think I’d like to fly.
I’d bring the rhinos to the moon.
I’d plant fields of grass,
make lakes of the craters
where at night they’d all commune.
No more orphans,
huge rhino crashes
with horns taller than the trees.
Poachers out of business,
trade debate moot,
joke’s on the Chinese.
The world would think
them extinct,
another failed conservation endeavor.
While I could finally
sleep soundly at night
knowing the rhino is safe forever.

By: Tisha Wardlow
rhinos on moon 2

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7 thoughts on “To the Moon

  1. I so love this poem…

  2. Joan Adamson

    If only … I would be there with you Rhino Girl. And thank you for the videos of Shirley and Jenny – so good that at last they had a few years together. I shed tears of sadness that Shirley spent so many years without another elephant for company, sadness for Solomon who had to say goodbye to his friend, but joy to see Shirley and Jenny meeting again after such a long time. I was sorry to read that Jenny died in 2006 but at least they had time together. How anyone could harm these beautiful animals, or rhinos, or tigers, or bears, or any other living creature is completely beyond my comprehension. Thank you for the work you do. Best wishes Joan

  3. Reblogged this on Ain't no rest for the wicked – Philip Wardlow and commented:
    Nice little poem by Rhino Girl…of personal hopes and passion

  4. Guy P. Murdock

    Tisha! I love that dream poem. If only it could be. We could all get on a rocket, go visit them, go see. Such beautiful thinking.~~~~~>

  5. Reblogged this on Fight for Rhinos.

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