Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t

To trade or not to trade?  Always a hotbed of debate concerning rhino poaching

But since South Africa is entertaining the idea of a “one-off” sale to sell the current stockpiles of horn, things have taken a dismal turn indeed.

Here are the scenarios: #1) Trade IS allowed as a one-time only option– wetting the appetite of the Asian market, like throwing a chicken into a hungry hoard of crocodiles. This will undoubtedly  send poaching rates soaring.

#2) Trade is allowed on a regular basis but cannot be monitored enough to stop poaching, and with the number of rhinos currently surviving, there are not nearly enough of them to keep up with the monstrous demand.

#3) Trade is Not allowed.  In order to make up for lack of profit, will the “farmers” sell their rhinos off  to trophy hunters? Will they be sold off to the highest bidder (who may happen to reside in China or Vietnam (where there are already rhino “farms”)?

black rhino dehornIf trade passes, they’re doomed, if it doesn’t will we see them traded/sold anyhow? If money cannot be made through horn trade, will the SA government up the ante and increase the number of “big game” hunting permits handed out? Will they still make attempts to prevent poaching?

Sadly, it seems there is no great solution, our rhino are living in a bloody sea of corruption. Caught up in man’s greedy grasp, killed for parts of their bodies, being stomped out in the name of ignorance. It is only through taking a stand we give them a voice, continue to fight and NOT stand by in passivity.

Please join me in sending a message to CITES to tell them we are watching, we care about our endangered species: https://www.causes.com/campaigns/33363-lobby-the-cites-secretariat-the-178-member-parties

For more information on trade vs no-trade in rhino horn, please see previous posts: To Trade or Not to Trade and Kill the Trade or Kill the Rhino.

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