Is the Black Rhino Extinct?

The answer is NO.

rhinos with lilac breasted roller

Black rhinos with lilac-breasted roller bird.
courtesy of Martin Harvey

The Black Rhino and White Rhino are indigenous to Africa. Within those two species are sub-species. This is where the confusion lies.

One of the sub-species of the Black Rhino was the Western Black Rhino. This group is thought to be extinct. They were last seen in Cameroon area, and pronounced extinct in November of 2011.

The primary species of Black Rhino which are seen are the Eastern Black Rhino, South-central and South-western.  However, they too are critically endangered. There are approximately 4800 left in the wild. The following map shows where they are still found:

final black rhino pop range

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11 thoughts on “Is the Black Rhino Extinct?

  1. what a great photo!

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  3. And yet we have hunters organizing the murder of an older “aggressive” black rhino, all in the name of conservation.

    Tisha, I thought of you over the weekend as I listened to the news reports on the Safari Club’s claim that their intent to sell the hunt to the highest bidder is all for the greater good of the rhino’s. To me, that’s like giving the keys to the inmates and asking them to run the asylum!

    • The irony is there are people with no wealth, no ulterior motives, ready to die for these animals; yet someone can step in on a whim with a fistful of cash and wipe them out effortlessly. So frustrating.

      • It’s so true, sad but true. If these yahoos are so hell bent on saving Rhinos, why don’t they just donate the money? Why do they have to KILL an innocent, elderly rhino? There’s always a catch with these people. They are heartless blood thirsty psychopaths.

  4. J.R.Barker

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    In the interest of rectifying my last reblog, the ‘Western’ Black Rhino is thought to be extinct, it is a subspecies of the Black Rhino, but the Black Rhino itself struggles on.

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